Aviation Theoretical Examination System

Complete solution for Aviation Theoretical Examination

Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia
Saga d.o.o.
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Software for taking theoretical exams in aviation. Software have functionalities for managing the complete process of creating exam schedules, online applying for exams, analyzing data, reporting, printing of certificates.

MNO team subcontracted and participate in complete software development cycle.

Major functionalities:

  • Import Excel, CSV, XML, JSON or MS Access files to your questions database
  • Import PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF as description for questions
  • Manage licenses, subjects, topics and easy link questions
  • Manage institutions, organizations, departments and their students or candidates
  • Create approvals and application warrnings, license limits
  • Define enemy questions
  • Notifications for students about exams
  • Real time exam control by eximinator
  • Analytics by organizations, licenses, subjects ..

Services Provide

  • Available on your infrastructure or cloud
  • Consultancy and support
  • Fully customizable
  • White label examination system

Technology stack

  • Frontend: Vaadin 8
  • Middleware: Java, J2EE
  • Database: Oracle 12c
  • Reports: Oracle BI Publisher, Vaadin Charts
  • App servers: Oracle WebLogic, Wildfly, Tomcat

A web based modern exemination system

ATES is modular exemination sysytem allowing us to customize it for your needs.

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