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European Commission. Origin of funding - Horizon 2020. Pilot cities - Madrid, Athens, Singapore, Montpellier, Lecce, Birmingham.
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City4Age is a research and innovation project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme. The first and core objective of City4Age is to enable Ambient Assisted Cities or Age-friendly Cities. The project aims to create an innovative framework on ICT tools and services that can be deployed by European cities in order to enhance early detection of risk related to frailty and Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI), and provide personalised intervention that can help the elderly population to improve their daily life and also promote positive behaviour changes.

City4Age will activate urban communities to facilitate the role of social/health services and of families in dealing with cognitive impairments and frailty in the elderly population.

MNO team subcontracted and participate in development web application for analysis and visualization collected data.

Services Provide

  • Available on your infrastructure or cloud
  • Consultancy in social and health services for elders

Technology stack

  • Frontend: Oracle JET Toolkit
  • Middleware: Java, Hibernate
  • Database: Postgres
  • Reports: Oracle JET
  • App servers: Glassfish, TomEE