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MNO Wins The Vaadin Challenge !

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Judges from Vaadin and IBM awarded MNO's project as the best fulfilled idea of the contest...


This solution combins hardware, software and cloud services for publishing customer expressions in shopping, restaurant, coffee shops…


Each store should have big screen (TV) for presentation and RaspberryPi connected to it.

RaspberryPi has few main functions. WiFi hotspot to allow customers to access internal store network, application server to collect customer expressions and serve it to big screen and publish it to IBM Bluemix IoT.

Customers connected to RaspberryPi hotspot should be redirected to form for enter their impressions. That is a Vaadin page for all device screen sizes!

All submitted expressions should be pushed to big screen (Vaadin push) and published to IBM IoT Bluemix.

IoT services allow cloud application (also Vaadin) to show all expressions from all Stores (cafeterias, restaurants, retails ..) around the world.

Feature function could be serving expressions on social and marketing media, Facebook, G+, Twitter, store web page.