PHC (Primary Health Care)

Complete solution for Primary Health Care Institution

Health Center Kraljevo
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The PHC is based on comprehensive utilization of the International Classification of Primary Care – Second Revision (ICPC-2), concept of Episode of care / Continuity of Care and Health Information System Architecture (HISA) standard. The component provides measurements of key dimensions of the primary health care system and supports its availability, quality, efficiency and sustainability for utilization with decision makers, health administrators and health care providers.

Major functionalities are:

  • Scheduling patient appointments - Create/Update appointments schedule
  • Patient admission - Patient identification, proceeding demand of care, recording patients complaints
  • Patient registration - Management of EPR, Create/Update EPR at least as defined by minimal dataset except contact data
  • Choice of selected doctor - Management of selected doctor data (Create/Update relation with selected doctor)
  • Contact - Delivery of health care
  • Create contact generic data at least as defined in minimal dataset
  • Maintain the health issues (problem) list
  • Maintain medication list
  • View EHR - diferent perspectives
  • Create/Update health activities and procedures
  • Create/Update clinical information (recording diagnosis, prescriptions, diagnostic results, observations, opinions etc.)
  • Online tracking referrals status
  • Create various health status documents
  • Contact – administration
  • Creating data connected to administrative finalization of the contact
  • Printing documentation
  • Integration with SmartCare system
  • Possible Integration with other software

Services Provide

  • Available on your infrastructure
  • Available as SaaS
  • Consultancy and support
  • Fully customizable
  • Open for integration

Technology stack

  • Frontend: Vaadin, Polymer, Oracle ADF
  • Middleware: J2EE, Hibernate
  • Database: Oracle 11g
  • Report engine: Jasper Reports
  • App server: Wildfly

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PHC is modular software allowing us to customize it for your institution needs.

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