Integrated care system for Health and Social care

European Commission. Origin of funding CIP-ICT-PSP
Health Center Kraljevo, Center for Social Work Kraljevo, Belit d.o.o.
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SmartCare aims to define a common set of standard functional specifications for an open ICT platform enabling the delivery of integrated care (health, social, informal) to older European citizens. A total of 24 regions and their key stakeholders will define a comprehensive set of integration building blocks around the challenges of data-sharing, coordination and communication. Nine regions pilot integrated health and social services to combat a range of threats to independent living commonly faced by older people.

Pilot location of SmartCare project – Kraljevo has been awarded "Reference Site" status by European Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing – EIP on AHA. This is the first time that location in Serbia participates in European Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing initiative.

MNO team subcontracted as IT consultancy in Health and develop Smart Care portal and mobile application. Integration of SmartCare platform with existing software in health and social institution.

Services Provide

  • Available on your infrastructure or cloud
  • Available as SaaS
  • Notification and massage dispatch centre
  • Consultancy and support
  • Fully customizable
  • Open for integration to existing systems

Technology stack

  • Frontend: Vaadin 7, Android app
  • Middleware: J2EE, Hibernate
  • Database: Oracle 11g
  • Report engine: Vaadin Charts
  • App server: Wildfly

A web based modern integrated care system

SmartCare is modular platform allowing us to customize it for your needs.

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